Beauty is in the beholder’s heart

It was one of those days when I was mired in contemplation about an all-appealing topic called beauty. The bulging muscles, fair skin, the perfect figure, admiration of those who own flashy materials is all okay but all that stuff can make us forget that we are all made of (and from) the same fabric, sourced by the same source, made of blind spots and shadows irrespective of the most eye appealing external appearance. It can take us to a realm of materialism and the delusion of superiority over people who may not have the most eye appealing appearances. The celebrity-crushes and crying “wow” enthusiastically at their external appearances came crashing. I felt this feeling of epiphany strongly after reading what a mother had shared about her (disabled) daughter being ridiculed by a bunch of ‘good looking’ kids and how heart broken her daughter was.

For a minute, if we forget that beauty is defined by a set of external, socially accepted parameters, may be we will see beauty in the following? This is what I want to say to every person whose external appearance may not be eye-appealing but their beauty can be felt in the heart – it’s a warm, sweet feeling I’m thankful for!

You flap your hands freely in public because you care about your joy, that’s the movement that sets you free from stress. Your ways are beautiful too.

“You have a lot of wise things to say but your body and mouth don’t work for you, yet you don’t give up. You learn to use every piece of low tech (as low tech as a stencil) & high tech to share your wisdom and your perspective. Your adaptability & generosity is so beautiful. Thank you!”

“Your innocence is such that you can’t conform to the motives and agendas of a majority of people around you. Your innocence is so beautiful, why unlearn something that keeps you in a mode of joy and fascination?”

“You feel more than you think, so you become a host for nature to stream through you. It causes an overload, yet your ability to feel more is a beautiful gift that many struggle to achieve.”

“You have a body with muscles that are too tight or too flappy, yet you discover ways to work with it. Your resilience is so beautiful.” 

“Your speech is broken, but not you. You are still whole inside, a living being despite the exterior brokenness living this miraculous thing called ‘life’. Your whole ness inside is so beautiful.”

“You don’t see a point in ‘small talk’, yet you make the effort to see the flip side of the coin. Every effort you make which is very huge given your condition & wiring is beautiful.”

Your quirky ways, random surprises, different perspectives, your pain that makes us question our limiting beliefs and thoughts is beautiful. 

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You are whole from within, not broken!

Perhaps beauty is a feeling that puts us in touch with our real human presence, not limited to something that is appealing to our eye!

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Namaste visitors! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist with an integrated work approach. I share my own views and work experiences with children and young adults who have received a diagnosis of Autism, Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other conditions and disabilities through this blog.

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