Ego as a GPS tool-A Contemplation

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A lot has been said about ‘ego’ in the field of western psychology and also modern age spirituality. In the Sanskrit language and in the traditional Indian yogic philosophy, we find the term ‘ahankaara‘ (self-image making) which is an aspect of mind (chitta) that constructs self-concept about oneself. The extent to which we believe the conglomeration of the thoughts, beliefs and images constructed by our ego can depend on the extent to which we are ‘awake’ in the spiritual sense.

So, should ego be seen as a barrier that’s unhelpful in our personal growth and should it be seen as something that is false or bad?

Not very long ago, I was on a group course, the intention of which was to practice deeper connection and communication with autistic individuals. The participants (all of us) had to delve into our own senses and engage them in understanding our own thoughts, beliefs and patterns. At one point, the above question related to ego came up in my mind and the answers rendered by my course teacher was a breakthrough in understanding the role of ego. Here’s what she received about ‘ ego’ in her deep meditative-contemplative state. Ego says,

“I am bold. I am trying to break you down to the point where limitlessness is the only choice. The choice eventually breaks down to suffer in a limited prison of consciousness or break free. My role as the ego is, to ultimately offer you that choice. I am a humble servant of God disguised as a hustler. I am misunderstood because I am not deceitful. I transmit your old limited beliefs that you need to break free of. When you her me, know this. What I say to you are outdated, old beliefs, but beliefs that keep you from expansion. Choose freedom! When you hear my transmissions, say to yourself, “Thank you for bringing old beliefs to my conscious heart and mind. I choose to be free from it. I am beyond good enough to do this, because I am a master.”

-Marisa Leon

She also suggested me to embrace ego as an aspect of myself and shift my perception of ego as something that needs to be overcome. “What if the ego can join you in the raising of your consciousness? Adding more to the discussion, she says, “As we develop a healthy perception or to be more accurate a neutral (neither good or bad) perception of ego (the human aspect of ourselves), it will evolve, expand and shift into a different kind of energy. It helps us uncover our subconscious beliefs that we no longer need.”

Since then, my realisation is that we become completely aware of our ego and how we do that is to let it communicate to us by not demonising or suppressing it. This is especially important for beginners on this path before we can function without any mentally constructed self image. This concept is especially complex for human beings to grok as we use language as a tool to think and communicate.

I conclude ego is like a GPS device to me, its a structure that is transmitting unresolved issues or ‘samskaras’ (mental and emotional impressions) that are feeding my mentally constructed self-images and showing me where and how far I am on the roadmap to be free from it. It’s pointing me in the direction of love and divinity, the essence human nature that is waiting for each ONE of us to claim. Oh well! I have miles to go!!

I’m so grateful to Marisa Leon for her teachings and her amazing work and commitment towards serving autistic individuals.

Marisa can be reached via email, for online consultations and in-home services in the Los Angeles (USA) area. Her website Autism Heals is under construction.

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