A Message From An Autistic Artist

I hope that there will be places for people who are neurodivergent to live and grow to their full potential. I want people to realize, instead of putting their energy into worrying, put it towards loving and embracing all inside and to actively create a better place where you are. Bring others to see it and be a part of it. The world is filled with people who can do something to help. The answer is within us. Everything else will come in opportunity and we need to be open to the positives that can happen. It’s not too late. Unfortunately, many people have given up on humanity as a whole. I feel that’s been because they have saturated their minds with negative things from the media, mostly. Do not give into this portrayal of the world and make it yours.

I hope greatly that people will make their home a sanctuary first, and then extend their sanctuaries to reach others. There should be safe homes for people with disabilities. The love that comes from caring for a disabled person and giving dignity to us, is a great thing. It is much greater than any achievement you can make academically, or career wise. It’s a gift from the heart and it returns to the heart. It is a blessing.

The world is not beyond healing. It’s not beyond saving. I don’t believe that. I believe a balance can be found and implemented. I believe that ways that don’t work can be replaced by ways that do. This is in many aspects of life and broken systems. Money going to things outdated and ineffective, can be better spent on more effective ways to teach, and improve quality of life for many. First, it’s a matter of admitting that what is being used as mainstream methods are not good, then follow through with replacing them. But we need those effected by them, to speak up, put it in writing and let it be known the suffering we are having imposed on us. That includes those with “severe” autism. Those who are non verbal. It has to come from us because we have lived through the bad treatment and we can say what doesn’t work, and what works better. When the world has an attitude of welcoming autism with respect for us as people who matter, we will speak out, be it through FC (Facilitated Communication), writing or other ways. Until the world is ready to listen, we will not come out because it’s worthless to speak on deaf ears. 

More people with autism are writing, I feel, because there’s been a change in attitude toward us by those around us. I personally, never used to express my feelings in any way because I didn’t feel it mattered what I felt or thought. Nor would my words be taken seriously. Many in their “normal NT (Neurotypical) world” are also seeking more. They want to know about the universe and the bigger picture. Some are starting to see that we, with autism, have that information available to us. It’s been hidden because we were “silenced” by the negative energy, treatment and both spoken and unspoken words of the people who worked with us, as well as society in general. We feel it. It’s been unsafe to speak of such things. So we didn’t. 

The “awareness” is not lacking from those with autism. It’s lacking from those without autism. Fortunately, they are starting to realise that their reality might not be exactly true…because it’s not working. Maybe what people have come to believe was never actually real. People are questioning what they never thought or dared to question before. There’s so much more… much beyond your comprehension. But very real indeed. If anyone would understand, I feel it would be those in places such as India. The western world ideology is terrible, fundamental at best, connected heavily to prestige and ego. Unfortunately, the honouring of another human being as oneself isn’t there. For this, I appreciate the Indian culture and their spirituality within daily life. 

I have seen this more in places that are not city civilizations like in the United States and European countries… but more so, in places that still have the mentality from a long time ago, where spirituality is as normal as food and drink. It’s not hidden from sight, or perceived as just a “novelty.” I do feel there are seekers and believers in places like the US, even though they are used to a way of life. However, they are hurting very much spiritually and emotionally. They cannot rest. No matter how much they own or do, they are restless and unhappy. 

I’m hoping more will get involved in creating safe havens for disabled to give us dignity and genuine care at the same time. That’s so important. Also, it is imperative for us to have an environment that is nurturing to our sensitive nature/being and give us the freedom to show you how much more there is to this world. You would be astounded!

Author: Lexington Sherbin is on the Autistic Spectrum and he is a professional artist based in California. He relies more on communication via typing as compared to speech.

Thank you for sharing your valuable viewpoint with us Lexington Sherbin!

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